Smart product development partner

Do you have a product idea but no development partner? Come meet us over a mug of coffee to discuss your business goals. Understanding your business comes first, technical details can be sorted out later. A good talk won’t cost you anything.

From concepting to final implementation

Not sure where to start? We have gone from start to finish many times. Tell us where you want to go and we’ll plot the smartest course for you. We have solid expertise on mobile and web development projects that helps you fine-tune your idea, make your product or service concept come true and launch the product successfully onto the target markets.

How we work

Everything we do aims at making your business goals come true. Techniques and methodologies are important but good communication is essential.

We avoid using subcontractors and our team works onsite or offsite – always with full transparency.

Here’s how we can kick off:

1.Concept clarification

We sit down with you and see what the case is all about. The output is a clarified concept and business idea.

2. Scheduled project plan

A clear plan covers project goals, resources, responsibilities and communication. We start by solving the most important and challenging business goals first.

3. High-quality implementation

We develop the product or service in a cost-efficient, transparent manner. Test versions and thorough testing ensure high-quality results.

4. Market takeover

We help you launch your product in a well-organized manner in the App Store or on the web. We continue developing and maintaining the app and your business based on market impact.

Success stories

Get to know our work.


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How can we help you?

The core of our expertise is developing mobile apps and services. Today’s mobile apps must work seamlessly together with back-end services and business-critical systems. We help you select the best and most cost-effective methods that work for your case.

We develop mobile apps for the most successful platforms in the world. Our experts can join your existing team or you can leave everything from design to testing and launching to us. Our job is to recommend the smartest development technology – like native, React Native or hybrid – to match your business need.

A mobile app is often only one part of the winning formula. We enable mobile connections to external business systems, such as CRMs, payment services or information management systems.

Agile day-to-day project management keeps the budgets and schedules constantly on track. Our experts can manage your entire development team.

Sometimes it takes a few extra cups of coffee to turn a great idea into a killer service concept. We help you polish your idea and create an actionable plan on how to move forward.

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