Two guy illustrating their ideas on paper, which infers the topic of sharing ideas

An Exchange of Thoughts – #PunosTalks!

Erno Soihtu, 30/01/2019

As I have mentioned earlier, the Punosians are the marketing centerpiece of the company. This core concept moves all of our business forward. One example of this is our PunosTalks presentations.

So what’s this PunosTalks thing?

In the autumn of 2018, our developers expressed their interest in having their own discussions regarding topics they found compelling together with other colleagues. The result of this was the PunosTalks presentations which any Punosian could put forward. Along with topics surrounding technology, we have also discussed many other professionally relevant matters. Here are a few examples:

Samuli Hakoniemi: animations with React Native

Visually attractive image elements are not enough for creating a truly pleasant user experience for a mobile application. This is why top React Native developer Samuli Hakoniemi had a PunosTalk about the importance of animations and how to include them in practice. Samuli showed this by coding it live, just like he did last year when he discussed the topic in Poland at the React Native EU conference.

Nguyen Nguyen: Sleep

Our Vietnamese developer Nguyen had a PunosTalk about the importance of sleep for employee well-being. Sleep has a restorative and a therapeutic purpose. In addition, it’s important for learning new concepts at work and creativity. Basically, it’s important for a developer, alright?

Erno Soihtu: Marketing your abilities

Yours truly had a talk about the impostor syndrome that I have noticed in my past work among developers. The phenomenon has been recognized at Punos and, as such, we emphasize the business point of view in development work from the first recruitment discussions. This is key as our developers are often in the spotlight in their customer projects. If you are wondering what impostor syndrome means, check out our previous blog article about it.

What does it mean to be a Punos developer?

Working at the company includes the possibility of marketing your own capabilities, as an individual. Our developers are not faceless rows in an Excel sheet. Should you apply to us, prepare to be the person that our customer asks for an opinion not only in terms of technology, but also the business side of things. We will guide you in this sort of thinking from the very beginning.