A sketch of a robot holding a flower and sadly looking at it, which infers the topic of emotions of developer

Are you a robot or a developer? Emotions at work

Erno Soihtu, 15/03/2019

It’s so sad that often feelings are considered to be the opposite of rationality. Because of this misconception, many employees around the world are distanced from their own core values and will operate in a way that is not natural to them. If you feel like you need to suppress your emotions in your job, it’s simply not a nice job to work in. The inability to trust one’s feelings is the foundation of the insecurity that I mentioned in my last article.

To make rational decisions, you also need your feelings. In fact, they are similar physical processes as cognitive thinking. Emotional sensations can, for example, explain why one option seems better than the other when making decisions, even though it is hard to put the exact reason into words. Basically, your gut feeling is not to be ignored, even though you should not count on it alone in important decisions.

The importance of kindness in modern workplace culture was also recently brought forward by Forbes. According to this article, merely one in two-thousand emotionally cold leaders can be in the top quartile of effectiveness. Being caring is key as ruthlessness is not going to get you anywhere.

This is recognized at Punos. Our culture may seem exceptionally relaxed to people used to the standards of large corporations. However, this does not mean that we would not recognize our responsibility to our customers – on the contrary, we understand the importance of our own well-being in creating top-notch solutions for our customers’ business. See more about the Punos spirit in the video below!

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