Matching mobile workers with employers

About Treamer

Treamer is a matchmaking service for people seeking gig work and anyone who needs a temporary worker. With the Treamer app, employers can post open tasks and workers can apply to the positions in just minutes. The app takes care of everything from matchmaking to salary payments and mandatory tax deductions.

Treamer’s goal

Treamer wanted to introduce a an all new service model for the job markets. A key element in this was the Treamer mobile app. Targeted at both youngsters and prospective employers (companies and private citizens), the app needed provide top-notch user experience as well as robust reliability for secure backend communication.

Our contribution

Punos Mobile’s team helped Treamer fine-tune their service concept and select the optimal tools and technologies. Our developers implemented the Android and iOS mobile apps and the cloud backend with integrations to external services, such as Stripe for payments and for processing tax information.


The initial Android prototype for a pilot audience was developed in just two months. Based on the feedback, polished versions for both Android and iOS platforms were later released in the respective app stores. Treamer was also selected as one of the Kasvu Open 2016 finalists and it has raised nearly €1,000,000 in funding.

Try Treamer

Google Play / Apple App Store


  • Native Android
  • Swift for iOS
  • Amazon cloud
  • Stripe for payments

Cooperation with Punos Mobile worked really well and the results exceeded our expectations.

Peter Sazonov, CEO at Treamer

Apps like Treamer must provide a fluid user experience, and our job is to make sure that this is exactly the outcome..

Samu Mukkala, Software Developer at Punos Mobile

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