The universal language.

Túlka in a Nutshell

The Túlka mobile app provides its users a platform for person-to-person interpretation services. Its purpose is to provide interpretation services for immigrants in daily situations in which the language barrier would otherwise be a problem.

Interpreters and clients are able to speak to one another using both video and audio. Requests for interpretation are seen by interpreters as notifications on their devices which means that the first available interpreter will accept the task for themselves.

Our Part

Punos Mobile took part in the development of the iOS version from the very beginning. Once a working application was in the app store, we moved on to develop the Android version while also continuously iterating and doing quality assurance for both platforms.

Key aspects of development were making sure that the quality of connections was superb while having a fluid user experience with a clear and practical UI.


We published the first iOS version after working for three months as a two-person team. After that, we developed the Android version and did further development work together with Túlka’s team for about one year. We also created a basic browser version for translators that helped them receiving interpretation requests.

User feedback on the application has been extremely positive. For Punos Mobile, it has been a pleasure to provide an answer for a genuine need for a interpretation service that is available quickly and with ease.

Try Out Túlka!

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

Technologies Used

  • React Native
  • OpenTok library

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