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Punos Mobile takes the next step and refines its business regarding products and services

Hannu Alakangas, 10/07/2018

The demand for Punos Mobile’s services is growing strongly both in terms of software consulting and business related to its products. To speed up future growth, we have created a new, Meeting Assistant focused office in Kouvola while our team in Helsinki will continue carrying out challenging IT projects for our customers.

Because of these changes, we are now able to cater our products and services to our customers in an even better way. Punos currently employs 13 professional developers with more being recruited as soon as this fall.

Team Helsinki will be executing demanding business-centered projects

Lead by Hannu Alakangas, our team in Helsinki will continue accomplishing demanding mobile and web development projects for customers of all sizes.

Our key strength is understanding the customer’s goals in their business and having those targets be the locomotive that pulls the train of our development work forward. In other words, our number one technique is understanding the business of our customer.

What this means is that we will spar and refine our customer’s idea of their business using just the right technologies and techniques for it with an effective and transparent team working to achieve their goals. In most cases, the key factor will be delivering an excellent user interface and user experience for the end customer.

Global product development in Kouvola

Spear-headed by Ville Mettälä, Team Kouvola’s focus will be working on our internationally acclaimed Meeting Assistant app’s customer oriented development and marketing. You can read more about our Kouvola team in this blog post.

Meeting Assistant is Punos Mobile’s fully self-developed piece of software that is designed to improve the productivity of every meeting. This Salesforce-integrated app has been released internationally for PCs, tablets and smartphones alike.

Though the focus is on our own product, you can also contact our team in Kouvola to assist you with your IT projects – we will be sure to find you the correct people!

Contact us and keep up!

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Software development services

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