Samuli Hakoniemi pitää esitystä React Native animoinnista

Samuli Hakoniemi: Better user experience with React Native animations

Hannu Alakangas, 17/09/2018

Animations can be used to enhance mobile apps and to create a user experience different from competitors. But how can you create animations cost-effectively while simultaneously giving a channel for discussion between the developer and the designer?

Punos’s Samuli Hakoniemi was invited have a presentation at the React Native EU conference in Wrocław, Poland between the 5th and 6th of September, 2018. Samuli is a top React Native developer at Punos – and entire Finland, that you can read more about in our earlier post.

Coming from a designer background, Samuli sank his claws into React Native’s animation features. Though animations are a large part of creating a distinguishable user experience, the end result of the developer usually ends up being too far from the vision of the visual designer. This is where React Native’s animation libraries come in, making it possible to have agile experiments and discussions between experts in different fields.

In the right hands, animation is a cost-effective way of enhancing applications. In practice, the programming happens with quick changes to the code. To make his point, Samuli edits his example app’s elements in his presentation – on the spot!

You can view Samuli’s React Native EU presentation here:

To download the presentation’s materials for yourself, click here.

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