React Native -kehittäjä Samuli Hakoniemi aloittaa Punos Mobilella.

Samuli Hakoniemi reinforces the Punos developer team: “React Native made me do it!”

Hannu Alakangas, 10/07/2018

It is with great honor that Punos Mobile welcomes its new world class member: Samuli Hakoniemi!

Samuli will be adding to the Punos portfolio especially in regards of mobile development. In addition to solving customers’ technological problems, Samuli will also be partaking in advancing the business side of the company.

Several years of React Native know-how

Samuli’s career includes years of experience in startups, software houses and, before all else, as an independent consultant. Samuli is not only a dependable software developer, but also a trusted advisor in startups and he can be seen presenting in different events of the industry.

As a software developer, Samuli took a calculated risk by swearing fealty to React Native. Though he is focused on a single technology, he is able to recommend the perfect technology for the customer’s needs and business, should it be required.

At Punos, Samuli’s role, as a part of our team, is to offer our customers first-class web and mobile applications that fulfill the needs of their business. Not only that, but Samuli is also a shareholder that will help the company to grow and improve its services.

You can view Samuli’s earlier projects from his net portfolio and follow his Twitter account.

An old friend becomes a team member

It needs to be said that Samuli is not taking a leap into the unknown by moving to Punos Mobile. He was already with us developing the very first prototype of Punos’s own product: the Meeting Assistant.

That’s not all, though, since Samuli also used to train and refine the skills of Punos developers. With his employment, Samuli will smoothly transition into being a part of a team he is well familiar with.

Outside of software development, Samuli can be found sitting at poker tables and dancing to the tune of berimbau as well as electronic music.

Welcome to Punos!

Would you like to have Samuli as your colleague? If having a career at Punos Mobile sounds interesting to you, feel free to contact us!