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Young Youtuber Challenges Punos Communication Practices – Operation Day’s Work

Erno Soihtu, 31/05/2019

Our developer Samuli Hakoniemi’s son, 13-year old Rasmus, is already quite a personality in the world of the internet: his Fortnite themed Youtube channel is about 30000 subscribers strong. Rasmus was my guest here at Punos Mobile office for his Operation Day’s Work. His job was to basically help us old folks with our communication practices. Together, we pondered if our company communications had something in common with being a Youtuber. We decided to write an article for our blog on this subject.

The Wear and Tear on School Desk Chairs

My Finnish and English language studies during my school years really paid off big time. I just love writing. Unlike me, Rasmus prefers using his own voice instead of clacking away on his keyboard. Interestingly enough, both of us are way more nervous about being in front of a live audience instead of a camera – even though there might be a much larger audience behind the lens!

From Nerdy Activities into GDPR

For Rasmus, one of the most interesting parts of Punos was the Kanaliiga PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds company video game tournament. Unfortunately, this league does not feature Fortnite – at least yet! Rasmus and I are both avid gamers which is why we had some heated debating about whether Fortnite was better than Apex Legends.

We noticed that recruitment related marketing is often more lightweight and humorous, just like Youtubing. This is because the target audience is usually typically not in the job searching mindset when seeing these sort of ads. Of course, this depends on the channel used. We use a more serious tone when marketing to our customers as not even the most hardcore emoji spam could convince people looking for our business centered mobile and web development services.

Rasmus impressed me with his knowledge of the law. Following the law is indeed important for both business and private communications. My guest had some excellent points what the new EU’s Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market could mean for Youtube. The platform would have to take more drastic measures for blocking copyright-protected content on its website. Considering that Youtube consists of millions upon millions of videos, it would be challenging to accomplish this, to say the least. Maybe the use of an advanced AI could be of help here. We wish Google good luck for tackling this challenge.

Passing the Baton to the Next Generation

Rasmus had this to say about his visit to our office: “It was pretty fun being here and nicer than school.” We send our regards to Vartiokylä’s junior high school! As far as Rasmus’s education goes, his class is spending four hours a week on learning communications. It’s really cool to see that this subject can be learned at such an early age.

Punos wishes Rasmus good fortune for his life and career, be that in communications, marketing or something entirely different.

Written as a collaboration by:
Rasmus, 13 years old
Erno, 29 years old