Patrik Björkenheim, CEO, Igiego:


"Punos did more than I expected, they challenged my ideas and added value well beyond the project scope."


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Igiego’s goal

Igiego wanted to disrupt the current advertising markets with a completely new, mobile-based advertising solution. Key elements in this included a smooth user experience for end users and a backend that delivers advertising based on real-time user data. Even though targeted advertising is based on user profiles, privacy and anonymity is a key goal.

Our contribution

At the beginning of the project, Igiego’s team had a solid business plan, but lacked a technical roadmap. Punos Mobile’s team helped Igiego make technology selections and implement the system. Work included designing and developing the Android mobile app and part of the backend that processes user data and serves targeted advertisements.


Juhani Lammi, Software Developer, Punos Mobile:

Punos Mobile's Android developer Juhani Lammi was developing the OmaPosti mobile application.

"Startups like Igiego have great ideas that will change the future – it’s exciting to be a part of that change."



Based on Punos Mobile’s consultation, Igiego obtained a solid implementation plan and roadmap for building the advertising solution. The Android mobile app was developed from scratch and the development work was later handed over to Igiego’s own development team. Igiego’s solution will be launched in early 2018.


  • Android
  • Java
  • Spark Framework
  • Pipedrive CRM