Easy fieldwork management - updating Kiho’s SwiftUI iOS app

Punos Mobile’s expert helped Kiho develop its iOS app with the latest SwiftUI technology.

Kiho provides more than 1,000 companies with an improved way to manage fieldwork both at the office and on the field. Kiho’s solutions help simplify work, improve productivity and expand business in a profitable manner.

An important part of Kiho’s product offering is a mobile app that allows time reporting, task assignment and monitoring fleet locations on a map. Punos Mobile’s expert Samu Mukkala joined the project via freelancer agency Thriv.

Samu Mukkala, Software Developer, Punos Mobile

In Kiho’s project, the team’s goal was to update an existing iOS app with a new, fresh look and feel. On top of this, we implemented some new features, such as fleet equipment tracking on a map and modifying the details of individual fleet units.

Kiho had chosen SwiftUI, Apple’s brand new user interface framework as their implementation technology. SwiftUI makes interactive UI creation quick and efficient. As the technology hasn’t been widely adopted yet, it was really interesting to update Kiho’s app with the latest Apple has to offer.

Working with Kiho’s team was really positive. The team members and the working environment were nice and I enjoyed having independent control over my own work.

Jesse Jaakola, Mobile Development Team Lead, Kiho

As an external consultant, Samu gave our team important fresh insights and helped us develop our working practices. He knew the related guidelines and standards and quickly learned our own API, which enabled productive work very quickly.

Working with Samu was easy – from day one he was a good fit in our agile team and he showed a good, professional attitude to his work. Samu listened to the assignments carefully, accepted feedback and often simply exceeded our expectations.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about using an external consultant. Now I feel very positive about using consultants to speed up our work.

Kiho Logo - SwiftUI referenssi