Tomi Tandefelt, Mobile Developer, Punos Mobile:


"Technical skills were not all that was required of me in the My Nightingale project as understanding was also needed of the company’s business and medical data. A mobile solution was needed for the service as it was the most straightforward way of delivering the blood analysis results to the customer. As a healthcare product, My Nightingale is also regulated by the industry standards which added some interesting nuances to the project.

The team’s technology of choice was React Native, as the goal from the start was to create an application that would work on both Android and iOS platforms with the same code. This was how we could respond to the technical and internal challenges of the project.

The agile principles that we used were crucial in reaching our goal. And if there was a particularly challenging situation, the other experts at Punos have been important as support.

I would like to thank the entire Nightingale team’s lovely folks and solution-focused culture. It’s always a pleasure to work with such nice people and My Nightingale will certainly be one of the most memorable projects of my career."


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From the Finnish Consumer Market Onwards to Conquering the World

Even though the blood analysis service has gotten plenty of positive feedback, Nightingale Health is only at the beginning of its duty. The company has an ambitious vision of a world where each person focuses on preventive healthcare as opposed to merely treating their symptoms. Punos Mobile wishes Nightingale all the best for this important mission.

The application was published in January of 2020. Punos Mobile’s CEO Hannu Alakangas tried the service himself at the time. You can read more about his own experiences in our blog.

Check the status of your personal health with the My Nightingale blood test and mobile application!

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