OmaPosti platform makes Posti's services more available than ever

Punos Mobile’s experts helped Posti with the launching of its new OmaPosti application.

In OmaPosti, Posti’s customer’s notices of arrival for letters, bills, and brochures are all neatly gathered into one place. With the app, the user is able to follow their shipments and receive notifications for bill due dates and pay them.

Punos’s consultants Juhani Lammi and Joonas Ahola partook in bringing Posti’s digital service business to the next level.

Sannamaria Ojanperä, Product Owner, Posti:

“Juhani can be thanked for not only for his programming skills but also for his ability to co-operate. In IT projects of this scale, it’s typical for there to be a lot of different personalities from varying backgrounds. In such an environment, Juhani has proved himself to be a solution-oriented team-player while being able to think of the project both from the perspective of the user as well as Posti’s.

The newcomer of the team, Joonas, has also already been a great asset to the project and gotten a hang of things quickly.”

Sannamaria Ojanperä - Product Owner from Posti

Juhani Lammi, Software Developer, Punos Mobile:

“OmaPosti is a large concept with not just us developers but a slew of other professionals, as well. Native technologies have a distinct role when the goal is to create as effective and long-lived application as possible. From my developer perspective, the job entails helping our customer achieve their goals and understanding what is sensible for the company and the customer’s own customer.”

Punos Mobile's Android developer Juhani Lammi was developing the OmaPosti mobile application.

Joonas Ahola, Software Developer, Punos Mobile:

“OmaPosti’s success is a sum of many factors, not the least of which is the constant and clear communication between several teams and a wide and fast testing process. Agile project management and OmaPosti’s expert development team are also worthy of praise.

On the web side of things, it has been my pleasure to contribute in the continued development of a high-performance and modern platform in which the users can use OmaPosti’s services.”

Punos Mobile's web developer Joonas Ahola was developing the OmaPosti service.

Customer Satisfaction on the Rise

After publishing the new OmaPosti, its’ reviews have gone up from two stars to four in the Google Play Store. In fact, these days Play Store’s reviews can go up much faster than before because Google changed the way its algorithm works in August of 2019.

In June of 2019, Posti took part in the GrandOne 2019 contest for Finnish digital works. OmaPosti was a huge success there as it got into the finals in the category of the best mobile service.

The Future

Posti is continuing improving OmaPosti together with Punos Mobile. In June of 2019, OmaPosti entirely replaced its preceding NetPosti service.

Try Out OmaPosti!

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