One stop shop for everything mobile

Not sure where to start? We can take care of everything from concept clarification to implementation and market launch.

Concept design perfects your idea

Having a great business idea is a good start, but conquering the world requires a solid game plan. With hands-on and proven success from both B2C and B2B global mobile markets, our team can help you refine your business case and product idea.

In addition to mobile development, we can guide you all the way through to market launch. This includes sharing our experience on global launches, all the way to optimizing your App Store or Google Play store launch. After the initial launch, we will be there to help you grow.

Project management gets the job done

Proper management ensures that the project keeps on track in terms of budget, scope and schedule. We believe in transparency through solid project management and team communication tools. We work fluently in both English and Finnish.

Our certified team managers can run your existing team or you can leave everything to us. The project team can be a small, independent team of 1-3 professionals or a larger enterprise-level team that works as a part of a larger development effort.

Mobile app development for leading platforms

Developing mobile apps is our core expertise. Our team can help you all the way from building a first prototype to launching a polished version to a global audience. We can complement your existing development team or you can leave the entire product development work for us.

Depending on your case and resources, we recommend the optimal development methods. Native Android or iOS development ensures the very best user experience, while hybrid and multi-platform technologies save development lead time and resources.

Integration to external systems

Most mobile apps do not work alone – they are linked to various systems, such as payment services or customer information databases. We believe that data matters only if it is available and accessible quickly and easily for the relevant stakeholders.

Our expertise is to ensure that the connections work reliably, safely, and without hindering the user experience. In previous projects, we have worked with several different ERP and CRM systems.

We put special focus on information security and privacy. We help our clients to prepare for the new GDPR legislation on data privacy in the EU.

Concept design

We help you polish your rough idea into a killer app or service.

Project management

We can build and run a high-performance project team.

Android and iOS development

We build mobile apps that work really well.

Integration to business systems

From mobile payments to CRM integrations, it’s business as usual for us.

How we work

Having a proven game plan helps you succeed faster.

1. Concept clarification

We sit down with our client and see what the case is all about. The output is a clarified concept and business idea.

2. Scheduled project plan

Together with our client, we create a clear action plan that covers the key goals, schedules and resource needs. We define responsibilities and set up a communication plan.

3. High-quality implementation

We develop the product or service in a cost-efficient, transparent manner. Test versions and thorough testing ensure high-quality results.

4. Market takeover

We help you launch your product in a well-organized manner in the App Store or on the web. We continue developing and maintaining the app and your business based on market impact.